TEFAL KIPER FOOD CONSERVATION Food storage containers: perfect stackability and watertighness (Available in red color)

With KIPER, food storage becomes simple and convenient

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    MasterSeal Glass Fresh Box, the 4 in 1  food container for preparing, serving, storing and transport !

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KIPER is a wide range of containers perfect for food storage.

The containers of this set are leakproof, easy to clean and perfectly stackable:

  • The lid and the body are designed to guarantee perfect watertightness and to preserve the freshness of the food.
  • Since you can get one container inside the other, it saves space for storage.
  • All the containers of the range are perfectly stackable: it helps to organize the fridge, the freezer or the shelves.
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    Airtight / leakproof

    The specific design and the bi-injection process allows the lid to perfectly adapt to the body which avoids leakage

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    Easy to clean

    The lid is flexible, which is practical for easy cleaning

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    The perfect stackability of the containers enables to save space

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    The best way to close your container - Step 1

    Place the lid over the body

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    The best way to close your container - Step 2  

    Press the lid in the 4 corners until the final position

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    The best way to close your container - Step 3

    Lift the side flaps and press the center of the lid to remove the air inside the container

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    No BPA*

    Our suppliers have committed not to use bisphenol A in their processes. The quality tests that have been conducted for our products by independent labs have not detected migration of bisphenol A into the food.