XL HEALTH GRILL COMFORT GC601033 XL cooking surface to cook for the whole family

UC800 Comfort takes grilling to new heights!

With the UC800 Comfort, enjoy cooking for up to 8 people. Great for large families! Its 3 cooking positions (grill, barbecue and oven) allow you to cook anything, so everybody's happy! It's healthy too, thanks to its removable juice tray. And with its non-stick die-cast aluminium plates, there is no need for you to add fat or oil.

Cook anything, there is no limit to what you can do!

  • Easy to use: indicator light tells you when to start cooking. Use the thermostat to adjust the temperature.
  •  Easy storage: can be stored vertically. Fits in any kitchen!
  •  Easy to clean: its removable non-stick plates and juice tray are dishwasher compatible. 
  • 2,400W: built for high performance.


Reference: GC601033

  •  3 cooking positions for an all-around cooking experience and perfect grilling results.

    • grill cooking
    • barbecue cooking
    • oven cooking

  • Removable plates

    Easy to clean thanks to removable dishwasher-safe cooking plates and drip tray

  • Identical, interchangeable plates

    Easy to use: the two plates are identical and interchangeable

  •  Healthy cooking

    Healthy cooking without additional fat (non-stick coating) and maximum fat and juice draining. XL capacity drip tray.


  • High performance

    Sear any meat thanks to very high wattage.

  • Barbecue position

    180° barbecue position offers a cooking surface up to 1600cm² and allows fish/meats and vegetables to be cooked at the same time to satisfy the whole family. For 6 to 8 people.

  • Adjustable hinge

    Adjustable hinge and 3-position thermostat guarantee the best cooking results, adapting to food thickness and cooking temperature.

Technical specifications / comparison
Power 2400  
N/A 2400  
Dishwasher safe parts Plates + juice tray  
Plates + juice tray  
Plates + juice tray  
Barbecue position    
Adjustable thermostat    
Colours Inox  
N/A Inox  
Cooking programs Oven function  
burger, sandwich, fish, red meat, chicken, sausage  
Removable plates    
Cooking surface 800  
Removable juice tray    
Dishwasher safe    
Body Stainless steel  
Stainless steel  
Handle Thermoplastic  
On/Off Switch    
Ready to cook light    
Vertical storage    
Before cleaning your grill, wait around 45 minutes while the device cools. To remove heavy food residue on the grill plates or on the side, we recommend you use a wooden or plastic spatula. To clean the grill and grill components, use a cloth soaked in hot water. Do not immerse the grill in water. Do not use abbrasive cleaning products or products containing alcohol or fuel since these may damage the device.
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