The best pots and pans for newlyweds should be on your new home cookware checklist and that includes stewpots, non stick pans and pots
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Newlyweds Guide to: Pots and Pans!

May 24, 2018

Choosing the right set of pots and pans is one of the common topics among millions that might run through your mind especially if you are a newlywed. And because your cookware has to be chosen depending on your cooking needs, follow these simple rules and make sure to start off with simple yet elegant cookware that you can work around comfortably!

If you’re a beginner, a working woman or if you simply can’t imagine yourself spending the whole day in the kitchen, you need to start at least with the basics:

If you’re a fan of Asian or Mexican food, you should definitely keep in reach a nonstick sauté pan or wok for tasty dishes like Pad Thai or Cheesy Chilli Enchiladas.

For more advanced cooks, you might want to invest in a whole set. And since you want it to last, you will have to assess exactly what you need before buying.

Below are some of the criteria that you should be considering:

Type of hob

Do you own an induction hob? If this is the case, you need to invest in a set that is compatible with induction hobs. You can choose your new cookware among Tefal’s induction ranges: Intuition stainless steel, Tefal Character and Tefal Expertise.

Comfortable handles

While cooking, holding on to an uncomfortable handle can be irritating. While choosing your pots and pans set, make sure you choose it with ergonomic handles. Tefal intuition stainless steel set is perfectly comfortable for you to use every day and includes as well measuring marks for more convenience and easier cooking.

Pouring edges

Splashing water or broth everywhere while draining boiled pasta or grains can be annoying as much as uncomfortable handles. Seek pots and pans that include pouring edges for more flexibility while emptying them from boiling liquids.