FRESH KITCHEN ZESTER Must-have kitchen utensils in vibrant colors for easy and fun everyday cooking

The Fresh Kitchen Zester is perfect for preparing citrus/orange zests, an easy-cleaning utensil that is part of a versatile range of colorful kitchen tools and gadgets designed for exceptional comfort, ease and value.




Reference: K0613314

Must-have kitchen utensils in vibrant colors for easy and fun everyday cooking

Tefal Fresh Kitchen Tools and gadgets add a burst of color to everyday cooking, with an extensive range of utensils designed to make food preparation fun, fast, and easy. Discover the Fresh Kitchen Zester, for perfect preparing citrus/orange zests, easy cleaning and maximum convenience. • Fun colors: Available in a choice of vibrant colors to match any kitchen décor. • Comfort and ease: Attractive design with ergonomic handles for maximum convenience and stability. Additional Tefal Fresh Kitchen Tools and gadgets include: • Barbecue brush • Nutcracker • Herb mincer • Oyster knife • Mini juicer • Pineapple slicer • Julienne peeler • Peeler • Citrus reamer • Avocado slicer • Melon baller • Garlic press • Grapefruit spoon • Apple corer • Apple wedger • Lime squeezer • Pie & salad knife • Meat shears • Fruits & vegetables knives • Vegetable brush • Colander • Set of 4 small flexible cutting boards • Set of 4 big flexible cutting boards • Grapefruit knife • Ladle (6 colors) • Spoon (6 colors) • Pancake spatula (5 colors) • Long spatula (6 colors) • Angle spatula (6 colors) • Whisk (2 colors) • 2 in 1 utensils • 5-piece set : whisk, ladle, spoon, long spatula and pancake spatula • 4-piece set: Long spatula, angle spatula, ladle, solid spoon      
  • Add color to your kitchen

    Fresh Kitchen utensils add a burst of color to everyday cooking, for a spontaneous and playful touch that fits perfectly in any kitchen.

  • Easy to use  

    Perfect for a daily use


  • Soft and ergonomic

    The soft-touch handle and enhanced ergonomics provide a shape that's optimal for comfortable use.

  • Easy zester

    Easy preparing of all citrus zests.


Family ZESTER  
Use a non-stick, plastic scouring pad, warm water and washing-up liquid. For stainless steel cookware we recommend specialised stainless steel cleaners.
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