Learn how to get crispy snacks every single time with perfect golden results using nothing but Tefal Actifry healthy fryer and with a single spoon of oil
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3 Simple Tips that Guarantee You the Crispiest Snacks Every Time !

May 24, 2018

Fried foods should usually be an occasional treat. However, with healthy fryers, you can indulge in your favorite guilty pleasures without the guilt part! Read on to discover 3 tips on how to make your food extra crispy and delicious.

Even size and thickness

One of the most delicious snacks and appetizers you can indulge in is good old mozzarella sticks. You can prepare this tasty treat with a low fat fryer such as Actifry Express Snacking, but make sure they are even in size and thickness. This will guarantee even distribution of hot air in order to deliver crispy and delicious cheesy results.

Pat dry

Everyone loves perfectly crispy French fries. In order to get that result, drain and pat dry your fries batch really well before frying it in Actifry Express. This step is very important in order to avoid any moisture remains because moisture can work against you. When your fries are dried out perfectly, season and fry to golden perfection.

Keep space in the snacking grid

Samosas are deliciously good when fried to golden perfection. You can prepare them as usual and brush the top with a little bit of oil. Then, place them in Actifry Express snacking grid and make sure they don’t touch each other! This is to allow the hot air to diffuse around every single piece. That way, you can make sure they will turn out golden and deliciously crispy!