Discover the importance of fruits and vegetables for daily diet especially when you add them to your daily meals and incorporate them in your favorite recipes
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Healthy Eating Rules #4: Add Fruits & Vegetables to Every Meal

June 13, 2018

We already know how healthy fruits and vegetables are. But for most of us, it seems like a challenge to incorporate them in every meal. Get creative while cooking and add some colors to your meals by including exotic or seasonal fruits and veggies!

Add Splashes Of Color To Your Meals

If you find it hard to eat fruits and vegetables raw, and don’t particularly enjoy steamed vegetables, try to add a few healthy colours to all your meals. For example, you could add some green beans and thin sliced carrots to a dish of saffron rice, to create an eye-catching and delicious combination.

The spices used in Indian and Mexican dishes will allow you to prepare a whole range of veggie-filled dishes! Tacos, fajitas, prawn curry or prawn biryani – you’ll get your 5 nutritional facts per day easily and without even noticing

And armed with your Actifry , you’ll be able to work miracles – curry chips , cinnamon apples, mixed vegetables, eating fruits and vegetables should never feel like a punishment! And to vary the flavours (and the colours!), make the most of both seasonal and exotic fruit. The different shapes and textures are sure to brighten up all your dishes. You can even combine them in a warm fruits salad, in kebabs, or team them with your homemade yoghurt!