Bookmark these quick and Easy Recipes that won’t break the bank the next time you are expecting guests over a rich lunch or dinner gathering
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Quick and Easy Recipes that won’t break the bank

May 24, 2018

If you’re looking for pocket friendly and healthy recipes, follow these helpful and low budget ideas to help you prepare a quick, easy and economic lunch or dinner with a single spoon of oil!

Start with the appetizers

Crispy French fries taste deliciously amazing when seasoned with paprika and served with a side of creamy hummus or guacamole dip. Learn how to prepare the most delicious Paprika Chips with Actifry Express Snacking and get ready for an explosion of flavors!

Prepare your main dish

If you’re a fan of fried seafood, you can create this mouthwatering garlicky Provence-style Prawns dish that requires only a few ingredients in addition to a single spoon of oil. Everyone will love it!

Serve a side of salad

Did you know that you can prepare the tastiest Caesar salad using none other than Actifry? Just cut the chicken breasts into chunks, pat them dry and season them to your liking. Fry until golden then add them to the iceberg, croutons and parmesan cheese. Toss the whole with some Caesar dressing and serve!

Finish off with dessert

You can never go wrong with pineapples for dessert. Check out how to prepare a delicious Roast Pineapple and Figs in Australian Honey dessert for a burst of sweet and mouthwatering flavors.