You will love these savory quick and easy breakfast ideas especially if you are not the type of person who likes to start the day with sweets
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Breakfast Around The World: And Some Prefer A Savory Breakfast!

June 13, 2018

When it comes to breakfast, savory wins. In most countries, people start their day with a savory dish. Delicious, copious, well-balanced and even surprising… come with us on a breakfast tour of the world!

Flavorful & Savory

In many Western countries, the tradition is to start the day with meat and eggs. If you’re a fan of scrambled eggs, Germany, the UK and the US, but also Sweden and Canada, are the places to go and non-stick pans are the perfect cookware to use! However, these Western breakfasts often come with a few sweet options, just in case! In Russia for example, it’s not unusual to serve a bowl of porridge with some grilled sausages.

In other countries, breakfast is a very healthy and filling meal. Since many Indians are vegetarian, it’s not unusual for them to start the day with a dish of beans and vegetables. Elsewhere in Asia, the Japanese breakfast is extremely well-balanced and typically consists of white rice, miso and marinated vegetables. The Middle Eastern breakfast is however a bit more copious and consists in a lot of pastries such as spinach pies and fried goodies such as shakshuka or sunny side up eggs with tomatoes.

Of course, the variety available depends on personal taste and the degree of contact with other cultures. Culinary traditions cross borders very easily! One classic example is that of South Africa, where a traditional English breakfast is served with a kind of porridge made from cornmeal, all washed down with some of local tea.