Discover weird barbecue food to serve for lunch or dinner that will dazzle your guests with delicious flavors and mouthwatering results at any time
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4 Surprising Foods You Never Knew You Can Grill!

May 24, 2018

If you’re looking for exotic food grilling ideas besides steaks, burgers and potatoes, there’s a whole variation of recipes that you can easily prepare in no time! These creative, delicious and fun ideas will boost your barbecue party and you will fall in love with grilling even more!

Get crunchy lettuce rings for your burgers

Grilled lettuce rings are super easy to prepare! Place a lettuce heart in your Optigrill+, set it manually on the slow cooking feature and wait for the beep. Remove the lettuce heart when done and cut into rings before topping your burgers.

Create a pineapple dessert

Slice your pineapple and place on your grill. Set the Optigrill+ manually to grilling and wait for the beep. Juicy and tasty results guaranteed! Sprinkle with cinnamon and your favorite syrup for more flavors.

Prepare an asparagus side dish

Grilled asparagus tastes so good aside of a meat or chicken steak. Align fresh asparagus in your grill, set it manually to slow cooking and wait for the beep! As soon as they’re done, toss the asparagus with a little olive oil and lemon juice then season to taste.

Prepare a peachy dessert

Peaches seasoned with sugar and cinnamon are perfect for your after lunch dessert! Slice some peaches and place them in the grill. Set the grill manually to slow cooking and wait for the beep while savoring the aromas. Happy Grilling!