Tefal - Air Force

One Head, All Floors.

Keep your home spotless, effortlessly. With just one innovative head you can clean all types of floors and surfaces, and with its handy accessories you can reach the unreachable.


Explore the highlights that differentiate Air Force from any other brand.

Power slim vision head

Supported by LED lights to help you detect dust in dark areas

Push and release trigger

Avoid the hassle of continuously pressing trigger while cleaning

2 integrated easy brushes

Can be used from the floor to the ceiling without leaving scratches behind


Discover the features that make cleaning up just another easy task.

Advanced cyclonic technology

Providing a high level of air and dust separation for long lasting performance

Power boost

Delivering advanced technology of a brushless motor system and 12 mins of power boost for maximum performance

Running time

30 mins running time for daily touch-ups and long cleaning sessions

Wall mounted charging base

Always charged and ready to be used anywhere

Click and clean

Empty your dust in just one click

Dust capacity

Collect 0.65L of dust with ease

Slimmer head

Easier to access dust under low furniture


Never miss a spot again.
These accessories will help you reach those unreachable corners, out-of-sight cupboard tops and
even those hard-to-clean spots under the couch.

How to

Watch these tutorials to get the best results from your new cordless handstick.


Pick the one that best fits your needs.

Xpert Essential 360 Air Force 360 animal care Air Force 360 All-in-one
Running time 25 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes
Power boost mode No boost 12 minutes of power boost 12 minutes of power boost
Click and Clean Dust Management System
Washable Filters 2 2 2
Accessories 2 Integrated Easy Brushes 1. Turbo Pet Care Brush
2. Sofa Brush
3. Crevice Tool XL
4. Flexi Crevice Tool
1. Surface Brush Kit - Intensive Brush
2. Surface Brush Kit - Textile Brush
3. Surface Brush Kit - Respect Brush
4. Turbo Pet Care Brush
5. Sofa Brush
6. XL Flexi Crevice Tool
7. Crevice Tool
8. Up Top Tool
9. Telescopic duster
10. Delta Head
Suction Head All Floors All Floors All Floors

Frequently asked questions.

Preheating Fry Delight is optional and takes about 3 minutes. To preheat Fry Delight, set the timer to slightly more than 3 minutes.
After following the instructions in the user manual for starting the appliance, make sure that your electrical socket is working by plugging another appliance. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself and take it to an approved repair center.
Shaking the food in the basket allows warm air to reach contact zones between the food and obtain a more even cooking. Your food will be crispy and will have an attractive colour for an even more delicious result.
Yes, you can. However, never completely cover the bottom of the basket with these types of paper or any others. Proper air circulation in the basket will ensure optimum cooking of food. When the bottom of the basket is obstructed, the air flow circulating in the basket is reduced. This modifies your appliance's cooking performance.

1. How long do I have to charge the handsticks for?

It will take around 3 hours to recharge when the battery is completely empty.

2. Where can I buy more filters from?

Visit our branch at Al Baghdadia Al Sharqia, Ali Mohammed Al Homrati Street, Jeddah by the Italian Consulate.

3. How many times do I need to change the filter?

The filter needs to be changed once a week. Remember to wash and maintain your filter to ensure better performance from your cordless handstick.

4. How can I clean the head of the cordless handstick?

5. How do I empty the bin?

6. How do I attach the accessories?

The accessories can be attached on the tube or the handheld. Slide your chosen accessory onto the handstick until you hear a click.

7. How do I fix the suction of my handstick?

Please follow these simple steps:
Check the battery
Empty your dust container
Clean your filter as it might be clogged
Clean the brush
Check the tube of the handstick