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Low-fat or Low-carb? And the winner is…‎

December 27, 2018

In life, we face a lot of difficult choices; what to name our child? What color should we ‎wear? What car should we buy? Staying in or visiting neighbors?‎

And what about making food decisions? Chili sauce or ketchup? Caramel or vanilla? ‎Pressure cooker or non-stick pot? Low-fat or low-carb? White bread or multi-cereal? ‎

If you’re trying to lose weight and receiving advice from friends and family, the last ‎decision might be tricky. Some people believe that cutting out all types of fats will be ‎the best thing to help in losing weight. Others believe that giving up carbs will help you ‎trim your waistline faster.‎

Giving up both should not be an option because your body needs energy from at least ‎one of these sources to function, and you don’t want to feel sick, hungry, and in the ‎worst cases faint. Plus, there’s no reason to cut down on cheese corn samosa and real ‎crispy fried chips when you cook your favorite snacks with a low fat fryer such as ‎Actifry or an oil-less fryer like Fry Delight.‎

Researchers from Stanford University recruited 609 overweight men and women aged ‎between 18 and 50. Half of them had to limit their carb intake and the other had to cut ‎down on fats for a period of 12 months.‎

During the study, they were weighed again. On average, members of both groups had ‎lost 6Kg during the year.‎

Some had lost as much as 27 Kg though, and lots of participants reported that their ‎relationship with food had been changed for the better.‎

This shows that it doesn’t really matter whether you go for a low-fat diet or a low-carb ‎eating plan. As long as you’re not eating too much of either and sticking to fresh, ‎unprocessed foods and cutting out sweets, you’ll be just fine.‎