If you are wondering if oil less fryers are healthier than regular pans discover how an oil less fryer works and how it can ease your life for the healthier
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Are oil less fryers healthier than regular pans?

December 17, 2018

If you’re looking to trim your waistline, it’s good to start with cutting off excess fattening elements. Unfortunately, some of the most delicious foods are deep fried and labeled unhealthy. So are oil-less fryers a healthy alternative to deep frying? Is hot air frying really a way to cut down fats and calories in half?

How does an oil-less fryer work?

To achieve those crispy golden and crunchy results, Fry Delight low fat fryer uses the “hot air pulse” technology. This feature allows hot air to surround fries and crispy chicken to cook them perfectly with no oil at all.

How does an oil-less fryer contribute to heart health?

Not using oil to cook your favorite snacks means that your body will not be acquiring unnecessary fat that can develop health problems such as cholesterol and heart strokes. Even if you are susceptible to these health issues, consuming air fried food will not bring you harm and you will still enjoy your favorite treats without having to cut them off completely.

How are oil-less fryers linked to a healthy lifestyle?

When you cook in an oil-less fryer, you are cutting down at least 50% of calories and 80% of fat while indulging in your favorite comfort food. Because healthy and fulfilling meal is one of the greatest joys of life, make cooking without oil one of your top priorities. Happy frying!