This is why diabetic people should include sweet potatoes in their breakfast ‎

October 26, 2018

People who suffer from diabetes have to watch their diet closely and manage their consumption ‎of sugars and carbohydrates in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, some vegetables ‎such as sweet potatoes offer nutritional benefits that can compensate their effect on blood sugar ‎levels. Remember to always check with doctor before you include sweet potatoes in your diet!‎

Packed with fibers

Studies have shown that diabetic people who consume high-fiber foods are less likely to ‎suffer from high blood glucose levels. And sweet potatoes are actually a storehouse of fibers ‎as one medium sweet potato provides around 6g of fibers! Brush a non-stick pan with a bit of ‎oil and fry one egg sunny side up. Slice a medium sweet potato and cook it in Actifry low fat ‎fryer for 35 minutes. You just cooked yourself a delicious breakfast that’s diabetes-friendly!‎

Low glycemic index

Unlike regular potatoes, sweet potatoes actually have a low glycemic index that helps ‎regulating the blood sugar levels by lowering the insulin resistance. Simply slice a sweet ‎potato in half and grill it until cooked through. Enjoy with hard boiled eggs and avocado ‎slices.‎‎

Rich in proteins

Sweet potatoes are a plant-based source of protein, which is important for diabetic people to ‎increase their insulin sensitivity and regulate it. This benefit also promotes a longer feeling of ‎fullness and healthy weight loss process!‎ ‎