Explore the benefits of beetroots for pregnant women and learn more about cooking this delicious fruits and incorporating it in your daily dishes
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Benefits of beetroot for pregnant women

December 17, 2018

Cooked, juiced or even raw, beetroot is highly advised to be consumed by pregnant women. This delicious vegetable is packed with numerous nutrients that can protect both you and the baby during this period. Keep reading to discover the benefits of beetroot for pregnant women!

Lowers the risk of birth defect

As a mother, it’s highly important for you to make sure you deliver a healthy baby into this world. Consuming beetroot which is rich in folic acids lowers the risk of birth anomalies and helps in the development of your baby’s spinal cord. Prepare a large batch of beetroot soup using Clipso Minut Easy pressure cooker that can fit up to 7.5 L of food and store it in the refrigerator to consume over few days!

Lowers the risk of anemia

As a pregnant woman, you are susceptible to anemia and need iron, and beetroots are a storehouse for this mineral. Slice this delicious vegetable and toss it with kale and a light lemon-oil dressing to create a refreshing salad.

Provides the body with Vitamin C

For a healthy pregnancy and delivery, you should consume beetroots because they are generously packed with Vitamin C which helps your body to absorb the iron in a healthy way.

Lowers the risk of immunity deficiency

Beetroots are rich in antioxidants. Thus, by consuming this vegetable in the form of a juice for example, you are protected from sickness and infections.

Regulates the metabolism and blood pressure

You need to be supplied with potassium for a healthy and regulated metabolism. Luckily, beetroots are highly packed with this mineral. They can even maintain blood pressure levels for a healthy pregnancy!