Quinoa: a whole lot of benefits packed into one tiny grain!‎

October 26, 2018

Quinoa is a member of the herbaceous plant family (no it’s not a grain) and it’s hard to believe ‎just how much goodness it contains! Quinoa is naturally gluten-free and makes the perfect ‎addition to any diet. Here’s why.‎

‎ Quinoa is good for you!‎

Quinoa has become highly popular, not just for its unique, subtle and slightly nutty flavor, but ‎also for its many health benefits. This apart from being gluten-free and an excellent source of ‎protein, quinoa is ideal for anyone wishing to up their iron intake, since it contains non-heme iron ‎that is especially well-absorbed when combined with vitamin C. So eating a bit of orange, kiwi or ‎pomegranate will make your quinoa even better for you! How about you prepare pancakes with ‎quinoa flour and serve it with citrus fruits? Deliciousness guaranteed!‎

‎ ‎ Finally, (and just in case you’re not yet totally convinced!) quinoa is high in fiber, making it good ‎for the whole family in terms of preventing cardiovascular disease and regulating digestion. So ‎whether you cook it in non-stick pots and pans or even a rice cooker, quinoa has everything going ‎for it, whether you prefer it hot or cold!‎ ‎