Boiled potatoes tips and tricks for tender results ‎

December 11, 2018

Cooking potatoes is not a complicated task. But when it comes to the basic act of ‎boiling, you should be able to master it because boiled potatoes can be used in a ‎countless number of recipes. So here’s how to boil potatoes perfectly for delicious ‎results!‎

First step: to peel or not to peel?‎

There’s no general rule that requires cooking potatoes with their skin. However, by ‎keeping the skin, you will benefit from preserving vitamins and health benefits. ‎Either way don’t forget to wash them thoroughly before cooking and create an X ‎shape at the bottom of each potato if you choose to keep the skin. This will ease the ‎peeling process after you’re done cooking!‎

Second step: start boiling

If your potatoes are large, you can peel and slice them to reduce the cooking time, ‎but you will lose some of their benefits. If you still choose to slice your potatoes, ‎make sure the cuts are even so they can all cook perfectly at the same time. Put ‎them in your Intuition stainless steel pot, season with salt, cover with water and ‎cook them until they are tender all the way through.‎