If you are looking for a chicken nugget coating for more crispiness you can choose amongst corn flakes, oats and chips and end up with the tastiest crunch
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Coat Your Chicken Nuggets With These Ingredients For Extra Crispiness

July 16, 2018

Among the wide variety of snacks and appetizers, chicken nuggets are perfect to share with a side of cocktail sauce or garlic mayonnaise. To end up with the crispiest results, choose one of these options for crunchy mouthwatering chicken nuggets any time.


Oats are a healthy alternative to the usual breadcrumbs and are packed in nutrients that are essential to the human body. Plus, they add incomparable crispiness to your protein. After you dip your chicken chunks in eggs, roll them in whole or processed oats then grill until golden in Optigrill + .


Coating chicken nuggets with cornflakes is an original twist on your kids’ favorite food when you’re looking for extra crunchiness. You can season cornflakes with grated parmesan and cheddar cheese for an extra kick of flavor. Your kids will love it!


Ever coated your chicken nuggets with chips? It’s time for you to start! We love nuggets’ crispiness on the outside yet tenderness and moisture on the inside. So why not use potato chips for that matter? All you need is your favorite flavor of chips, some barbecue sauce and chicken chunks. Grill until golden from both sides and enjoy!