You might have been making these cooking mistakes when preparing saudi kabsa so make sure you follow these steps for perfect cooking next time
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Have you been making this mistake while preparing Kabsa?

December 17, 2018

Kabsa is one of the oldest traditional main courses in Arabic countries and the national dish in Saudi Arabia. Now you might have been preparing kabsa for a long time, but is it possible that you’ve been making mistakes during the cooking process? Let’s find out.

Early seasoning

When you caramelize the onions or fry the meat in a non-stick pan such as So Intensive enamel, you might tend to add all the seasonings at the beginning.
This leads to 2 results:
Losing all the delicious flavors and aromas the spices have to offer.
Burning the spices as if you never added them in the first place.
Instead, add cinnamon for example towards the end of your caramelizing process.

Using beef meat

Using beef meat definitely has benefits such as making your dish healthier since this type of meat doesn’t contain any fat. However, in the case of preparing meat kabsa for example, it’s important to use lamb meat on the bones to end up with tender and mouthwatering results.

Adding whole dried limes

Now don’t get us wrong, you should add whole dried limes to the kabsa meat but make sure you cut them open a bit with a sharp knife to extract flavors as much as possible. Be careful while cutting so you won’t end up hurting yourself.

Using short grain rice

Long grain and Basmati rice absorb more spices and flavors so it’s preferable to use them rather than the short grain or Egyptian rice. And make sure when you cook the rice to leave the lid on to avoid shifting its temperature during the cooking process.
Now that your kabsa is ready, enrich your table with this delicious main course with a side of refreshing salads and tasty appetizers.