Delicious grilled chicken breast recipes for bbq gatherings

December 11, 2018

When it comes to barbecue gatherings, chicken is one of the tastiest meats to serve ‎with a side of fries and a refreshing salad. This weekend, create one of these delicious ‎grilled chicken recipes to enhance the flavors and impress your guests.‎

Maple mustard grilled chicken thighs

The sweetness of maple syrup will definitely add an exceptional and delicious ‎flavor to this mouthwatering maple mustard grilled chicken thighs recipe. It’s super ‎easy to prepare especially if you’re using an intelligent electrical grill such as ‎Optigrill + which measures the thickness of the steak for perfect and tender results.‎

Buttermilk-rosemary marinated chicken thighs

You will love the intense flavors brought by the rosemary and Dijon mustard in this ‎buttermilk-rosemary marinated chicken thighs recipe. It’s perfect when it’s too hot ‎outside or in case of rain, because you can just move your barbecue indoors and ‎cook the chicken using an electrical grill.‎

Honey hoisin chicken breasts

This honey hoisin chicken breasts recipe will be a hit for sure among your family ‎members and guests of all ages. It combines the intensity of flavors brought by the ‎hoisin sauce and the sweetness added by the honey. It’s the perfect definition of ‎balance!‎

Traditional taouk with a twist

If you prefer traditional recipes with intense flavors, cut your chicken breasts and ‎marinade them in a spicy mixture: mix 2 ½ cups of yogurt with ½ tbsp. of chili paste ‎and 1/3 cup of vegetable oil. Add 2 crushed garlic cloves, season with black pepper ‎and salt then marinate overnight. Happy grilling!‎