Discover ironing mistakes all do and practice without realizing and learn how to fix them following simple steps like adjusting your ironing board

5 Ways That Prove You're Doing Your Ironing Wrong

July 23, 2018

Ironing can be such an easy and fun task to practice especially when you’re following the right techniques. Whether you consider yourself an ironing professional or a beginner, you’re bound to iron your clothes the wrong way.

You’re not shaking clothes out

If you don’t shake your clothes after taking them out of the dryer, you will end up with seamed and pleated fabrics. Therefore, make sure you shake them well to make the ironing process easier later on.

You’re over drying your clothes

Having your clothes hang for so long makes them hard to be reshaped and smoothed. You can always avoid this mistake by unhanging them while damp. If you own a dry iron such as Bangkok , always keep a water spray bottle at reach and mist your clothes while ironing. You can add starch to the water in order to get a crisp and smooth result.

You’re not standing correctly

Ironing is actually exercise! You can burn 100 calories just by spending 1 hour ironing clothes. However, just like any exercise, you need to be careful not to injure yourself. Adjust the ironing board to waist height to ensure you’re not bending too much or straining back.

You’re not adjusting the temperature

Not all fabric types are the same. Therefore, you can’t be ironing all your clothes at the same temperature. And you definitely can’t leave delicate fabrics to the end while the steam iron or dry iron is at its hottest! Start with the delicate fabrics such as silk and satin. As soon as your iron begins to heat up, you can start ironing wool garments and leave jeans and cotton to the end as they usually require the highest temperature.

You’re ironing in circular strokes

Ironing in circular motion can lead your garments to be stretched out and ruined. Therefore, you should be ironing your clothes in lengthways motion to avoid stretching the fabric and easily remove the toughest creases.