Hold on to this easy guide to choose the best ironing board every time you're shopping for one because its height and weight should fit your requirements
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How to choose your ironing board properly

December 17, 2018

Whether you enjoy or hate ironing, or you simply do it when you must, you should definitely consider many aspects before you purchase an ironing board. Let’s take a look at the some of the features your ironing board should include before you buy it.


Moving a heavy weighted ironing board can be a bit challenging. Make sure you choose a light weighted metal board that’s easy to set up and can be transported easily around the room.


Choosing a light weighted ironing board does not mean you should compromise sturdiness. No matter how light, your ironing board should stand firmly on the floor. A stable board eases the ironing process and will not tip over while you’re ironing with Ultragliss Festive Limited Edition steam iron!


Modern portable ironing boards can be adjusted to fit the ironing position especially if you alter between sitting and standing when ironing. If you’re standing, the ironing board should ideally reach your hips level.


An ideal ironing board should be at least 1.2 Meters long and 45 Centimeters wide. If you have room, choose the longest and widest board available. It’s perfect to iron full size garments or linens quickly and easily.