Health benefits of garlic for colds

October 26, 2018

Cooked or raw, garlic plays an important role in preventing and fighting cold during winter. ‎Whether you’re feeling those familiar cold symptoms approaching or simply preventing them, ‎remember the health benefits this vegetable can offer!‎

Immunity boost

If you already caught cold, chewing a small clove of garlic 3 times a day is enough to ‎enhance your immunity and make you feel better because of its richness in vitamin C. To ‎improve your immunity against colds, consider consuming garlic on a regular basis. You can ‎mix crushed garlic with honey, lemon slices and ginger and add them to your tea!‎

Storehouse for antibiotics and antivirals

Garlic is a store house for antibiotics and antiviral substances. The most important ‎antibacterial present in this vegetable is called allicin. However, this substance is only released ‎after the garlic is crushed. So make sure you consume chopped/crushed garlic on a daily basis ‎even if it sounds like the toughest method of all.‎

Relieving stuffed noses

Taking 2 or 3 cloves of garlic per day can help relieve your stuffed nose during a cold. If you ‎can’t bare eating it raw, you can grill a whole garlic with Optigrill+ and add it to your garlic ‎soup. Make sure to consume the soup while hot to take advantage of all the benefits and heal ‎the cold.‎