These healthy lunch ideas for the whole family are perfect ever time you feel like sharing delicious and low fat meals with your family members this weekend
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Healthy lunch dishes for the whole family

December 17, 2018

Healthy lunch dishes for the whole family can be so much easier to prepare if you plan ahead. The following recipes are so easy to make and super affordable, so you can feed your whole family nutritious and healthy dishes without worrying about breaking the bank.

Tas kebabi

With one tablespoon of oil, prepare this mouthwatering Tas kebabi recipe using Actifry low fat fryer. The carrots and the onion will add an exceptional flavor to this garlicky dish and in just 40 minutes, you’ll have yourself a delicious comfort food that your family will love.

Crispy chicken

What’s better than Actifry crispy chicken with a side of sour cream dip and coleslaw for lunch? Kids love crispy fried meals and this is your chance to serve them their favorite fast food! Just substitute the hot sauce we used in our recipe for barbecue sauce and you’re good to go!

Garlic prawns

In 30 minutes, you can have a mouthwatering garlic prawns’ recipe with few simple ingredients cooked in no time in your low fat fryer. It’s the perfect dish to share with your family members around the lunch table.