Why you should put a clean cloth on your clothes while ironing

December 12, 2018

Growing up, you might have noticed that your mother always used a clean cloth for ‎ironing. But did you ever wonder why you too should use one on your garments before ‎you press them? ‎

To avoid scorching

Some delicate fabrics such as wool or acrylic need special care when it comes to ‎ironing. Use a cotton cloth such as a clean and unused pillow case before you iron ‎these types of fabric with a steam iron such as Easygliss. Make sure the cloth is ‎inside out and not damp if you’re ironing Acrylic. For hard materials such as jeans, ‎dampen the cloth a little for an easier glide and perfect results.‎

To avoid melting

Synthetic fabrics such as nylon melt when they are subjected to direct high heat. A ‎clean cloth works like a barrier and helps protecting the surface from melting. It’s ‎the perfect way to keep you from ruining your favorite garments!‎

To avoid burning

If you own an expensive silk shirt you sure don’t want to end up with it burnt and ‎ruined. To avoid the shiny iron mark on your favorite garment, add a cotton cloth ‎between it and your steam iron. This step can literally save the day!‎