Easy steps to clean your electrical grill

December 11, 2018

An electrical grill is perfect to cook steaks, chicken and seafood without having to worry ‎about the unpleasant charcoal smoke. But although it’s easier to operate, you still need ‎to figure out how you can clean it quickly and easily especially after a messy barbecue.‎

Step 1: cool it down

Before you start cleaning your electrical grill, make sure it’s unplugged and leave it ‎at least 45 minutes to cool down. Once cool, you can either remove the plates if ‎you’re using Optigrill + or just get ready to clean them on the spot.‎

Step 2: remove residues

If you just served buttermilk-rosemary marinated chicken thighs for example, ‎chances are you will end up with food residue stuck to the plates. Get rid of the ‎crispy food remains using a wooden or plastic spatula, by scraping it off the plates ‎before you start cleaning.‎

Step 3: clean

You should remember when you’re cleaning your electrical grill to NEVER ‎submerge it completely in water.‎

Tefal Optigrill + juice tray and removable plates are dishwasher safe so you can skip ‎the manual cleaning. If you prefer cleaning these parts manually, you can try the ‎following method:‎

Soak a clean cloth in hot water and wipe the surface to get rid of unwanted food ‎residues. Make sure the cloth is smooth though and avoid using hard material ‎while cleaning the plates so you won’t damage the surface. Once done, dry the ‎plate (and juice tray) and fix everything back into place.‎

Now your grill is clean and ready to be stored. Until the next barbecue gathering!‎