This is your ideal guide on how to cook shrimps from scratch step by step and know when it's done and ready whether you are boiling, frying or grilling it
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How to cook shrimps from scratch

December 17, 2018

Shrimps cook really fast, so it’s important that you don’t undercook or overcook them. For tender and juicy results without the unpleasant feeling of rubbery chewiness, here’s how to cook shrimps from scratch at home using your electrical grill!

Devein well

When you purchase fresh shrimps from the market, you can ask the merchant to clean and devein them or you can do it yourself at home. The most important thing is that you do it because it affects the shrimp’s clean taste since it consists of sandy intestinal tracts. Deveining also helps in judging the doneness of the shrimps when you fry them or grill them on your Plancha Compact electrical grill. If you choose to devein shrimps at home, use kitchen scissors or a small knife to cut through the shell along the shrimp’s back then lift out the vein.

Shell on or off?

When you grill or bake shrimps, it’s always better to leave the shell on in order to protect the shrimp meat from burning too fast. It’s also practical if you’re serving grilled shrimps with a dip. If fried or boiled, you may leave the shell or remove it before cooking depending on your preference.

It’s all about the marinade

First of all, in all cases, you should marinate your shrimps in the refrigerator. If your marinade is acidic (contains lime, lemons…), marinate your shrimps for 30 minutes, maximum. If your marinade is not acidic (garlic, olive oil…) you can marinate them for 1 hour.

How to know when shrimps are done?

Once the shrimps start to turn pink and curl into a “C” shape, they’re done. If you’re frying or grilling, wait for the crevice to turn opaque. That’s when your shrimps are done and ready to serve!