Discover how to iron clothes in a fun way following simple steps to make this least likeable chore more fun especially when you have a big family

4 Ways To Make Ironing A Lot More Fun

July 23, 2018

If you don’t enjoy ironing, you are not alone. Ironing has been proven to be one of the least enjoyable chores around the house. But thankfully, there are ways to make this task more fun especially when you’ve got a big family and produce huge piles of laundry.

Schedule a routine

By planning one day per week to iron your clothes, you will be less likely to avoid your ironing session. If you can’t bear ironing all of your clothes in one session, plan 2 or 3 mini sessions every week.

Choose the right appliance

If you’ve got a large family and produce a large pile of laundry, using a steam iron is a good idea to speed up the process and take care of hard creases. For daily outfits and speedy results, invest in a garment steamer like Master Precision which is a great solution to smooth out creases and refresh your clothes from odors.

Entertain yourself

Whether you listen to music or watch your favorite TV show, make sure you’re always entertained when ironing. It will lighten your mood and give you something fun to focus on rather than ironing. However, stay keen not to get too distracted with your soap opera and end up burning your clothes!

Iron what matters

Don’t waste time ironing everything such as socks, underwear or towels. Focus instead on your daily outfits such as shirts and pants. This way, you can accomplish the task in a fraction of the time that it currently takes you.