This is how you can iron curtains while hanging

October 26, 2018

Ironing your curtains while hanging is possible! The next time you clean your curtains, make sure ‎to follow these simple steps for perfect results.‎

Use the washing machine to clean the curtains ‎

Unwrap your curtains and remove any plastic or metal hangers. Wash them on delicate using ‎cold water. Always make sure not to overload your washing machine in order to make ‎additional space for the fabric and avoid creases.‎

Hang your curtains on place directly after washing

After the washing cycle is over, hang the curtains in their place making sure to close the ‎windows and doors until they are almost dry. The latter step is essential because keeping ‎doors and windows open will make the curtains dirty again.‎

Iron your curtains while hanging

For this step, you will need a garment steamer like Master Precision. This easy to use ‎appliance will definitely help perfecting the job. Wait until your curtains are almost dry, turn ‎on the iron and pass it gradually over the fabric starting from the top until you get the desired ‎result. The steam of the iron will help in straightening the curtains easily without any ‎additional effort. Happy Ironing!‎