If you are wondering how to keep food fresh for longer in your refrigerator follow these easy tips to store fruits and vegetables for a longer period of time
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How to keep food fresh for longer?

December 17, 2018

Nothing is worse than buying fresh fruit and vegetables only for it to bad before you’ve had a chance to consume them. Luckily, there’s a way to keep your food fresh for longer thanks to Tefal’s MasterSeal food conservation containers.

These hygienic food holders have a freshness seal built right into the lid. Germs or odors have no way to get in, so your food stays fresh until you’re ready to cook. The seal is leak-proof too, so you can carry a MasterSeal container safely without risking food spills.
Regular food storage container lids have a removable seal that leaves gaps for germs to form and food to get stuck. Even running these containers through the dishwasher won’t get rid of every trace of germs.
With our MasterSeal containers, the freshness seal in the lid is built in. Since the lid and seal are attached firmly to one another, there are no gaps, therefore no germs can form and your food will stay fresh for longer! You will win everyone over with your delicious minestrone prepared in Clipso Minut Precision pressure cooker!
This gap-free seal also forms an odor barrier to lock in your feast’s flavor and block out any external odors. Store your MasterSeal box in the fridge alongside the smelliest of foods (garlic and onions, we’re looking at you!) and be sure that your food won’t absorb any unwanted flavors.
And for your peace of mind, all MasterSeal food containers are made using BPA-free materials and are certified safe for storing baby food

Introducing the Masterseal Range in the Middle East:

Masterseal Glass
Premium 4-in-1 food storage: cook, serve, store and transport! Made from extra temperature-resistant borosilicate glass, these handy boxes are ovenproof up to 215 degrees, while the crystal-clear glass makes fine tableware for serving. Leftovers? Just attach the lid and store in the fridge.