Top tips to prepare oilless samosas ‎

October 26, 2018

When it comes to Indian appetizers, samosas seem to be on top of the list. This delicious dish ‎is usually deep fried. But what if you could prepare oil-free samosas and still end up with ‎delicious flavors? ‎

Oil-free dough

Samosa ingredients are usually basic: flour, salt, water and vegetable oil. The good news is, if ‎you’re going after oil-free samosas, you can substitute the same quantity of oil for yogurt! ‎You will end up with a healthier version yet the same dough texture.‎

Oil-free filling

There are many variations to create a delicious samosa filling without any oil at all. You can ‎steam different types of vegetable such as corn, peas, baby carrots… then season them with ‎your favorite spices. You can also boil some potatoes and mash them (or use leftovers), add ‎to them some green chili peppers and season with garam masala, salt and black pepper. The ‎options are endless and the result is one: an oil-free filling that everyone will love!‎

Oil-free cooking

Nothing beats a low fat fryer like Fry delight to cook perfectly healthy and oil-free samosas. ‎Preheat your appliance for 3 minutes at 200⁰c and set it on the baking mode. Place your ‎samosas in the basket and set the timer for 9 minutes. Brush with eggs for a golden result. ‎Start the cooking process and midway through, open the drawer and turn your samosas for a ‎crunchy and crispy finish.‎ ‎

Extra tip

If you don’t feel like cooking your samosas right away, you can freeze them and cook them ‎later. Bon appetit!‎‎