Learn how to organize your closet and keep it neat every time by sorting your clothes according to color, season and even special occasions
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Simple steps to organize and maintain your closet

December 17, 2018

A clean, well-organized closet means more space to add freshly bought clothes and save time picking an outfit on hectic mornings. If you want to know how to organize your closet and keep it neat, try some of these ideas!

First, remove all your clothes from the closet and sort out the wrinkled ones so you can iron them quickly with a garment steamer like Instant Compact.

Sort by color

Work on a light to dark palette or vice versa. This will help you mix and match outfits in the morning. You can also sort by color groups like for example blues then reds then pinks…

Sort by frequency of use

Place the clothes you often use in an accessible place and leave the rest in the back of your closet.

Sort by type

Separate pants, shirts, dresses and skirts so you can easily choose a quick and simple outfit on a busy morning.

Sort by occasion

You can organize your closet according to work, formal and casual clothes. This way you can easily get ready for any occasion.

Sort by season

If you usually store your seasonal outfits, sort your clothes for only half the year. For example, hang together spring and summer clothes or autumn and winter clothes to wear whatever you like depending on the weather.