Learn how to pack a suitcase like a professional with our guide to transform yourself into an experienced traveler no matter what your travelling frequency is
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How to pack a suitcase like a professional

December 17, 2018

If you travel a lot, you shouldn’t be carrying too much luggage just because your clothes and personal items don’t fit. Experienced travelers are recognized through their chic and small suitcases. Now, you too can learn how to pack your suitcase like a pro with these tips!

Choose the right luggage

Your luggage should be simple, divided into sections and preferably holding a tracking tag in case you lose it. It should also include 360⁰ wheels to easily rotate it.

Compression bags are your best friends

Compression bags are very practical especially if you want to keep your dirty clothes separated from the clean ones on the way home. However, they might cause some creases to your clothes.

Save space by rolling

One of the best suitcase packing tips is rolling your clothes to save space, reduce wrinkling and easily find your outfit when unpacking. And less space, means more room to pack a garment steamer like Access Steam to remove possible creases from your daily outfits in no time.

Choose digital alternatives

Do you like to read on the plane? Are you planning to learn a language on your way to your destination? Books, dictionaries and maps can be easily substituted for tablets and smartphones. And while nothing compensates the feel of paper, digital alternatives can save space and weight which is pretty practical.

Stay realistic

Avoid packing clothes that you might need “just in case”. If you do, you will be taking out precious space that can be used to pack other essential items.

Take your full suitcase for a walk

Before you head to the airport, you’ve got to make sure it’s as light as possible. For this reason, hold it by the handle and try the following: take it up and down the stairs, walk back and forth for a while. If you feel exhausted afterwards, you need to lighten the load. Happy traveling!