‎5 ways to save time and energy ironing‎

October 26, 2018

If you think that ironing is a time consuming and tiring household, you definitely need to get ‎introduced to the following ways to save time and energy.‎

Reconsider your washing skills

The way you wash your clothes directly affects your ironing. The next time when doing the ‎laundry consider lessening the time of the spin cycle to moderate creases. But that’s not all! ‎Overloading your washing machine will lessen the space between the clothes causing ‎additional creases. ‎

Use hangers to air dry your clothes

Hang your clothes while dry and air dry them. This procedure will definitely lessen the ‎creases making the ironing process much easier. In addition to that, make sure to fold your ‎clothes once dry instead of throwing them in the basket to avoid additional creases.‎

Organize your ironing

Make sure to set one day a week for the ironing. Sort all the clothes into fabric types and start ‎ironing the pile that requires the lowest temperature (the synthetics), proceeding gradually ‎until you get to the hardest ironing fabrics (the linens). This will not only save you time and ‎effort but will also help in reducing electrical energy consumption.‎ ‎

Choose the right equipment

Both the iron and the board are essential to do the job. Choose them carefully! Ironing can be ‎might get tiring especially when you have a large pile of clothes. Invest in an adjustable board ‎to make it easier on you to work standing or sitting. As for the iron, you can go for dry irons ‎or steam irons such as easygliss, which are suitable for any type of ironing.‎

Make sure your iron is clean

Your iron maintenance is one crucial step: after all, the last things you need are dirty stains on ‎your clothes. Make sure to efficiently clean your iron after each use. This step will make sure ‎to make the process a lot easier.‎