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Snacks on our mind, day and night!‎

December 27, 2018

Can you try not to think about food? Try timing yourself; trying not to think about food ‎made you think more about food right? Sorry! We are obsessed with food, thinking ‎about it every 30 minutes at least.‎

But snacks such as paprika chips aren’t always a meal replacement; some of us eat ‎simply because we’re bored and it gives us something to do, and others admit that ‎snacking has become a habit, and isn’t always needed.‎

Women were found to be more likely to eat three whole meals a day according to ‎studies, reporting that they always have breakfast, lunch and dinner, compared to men ‎who are the bigger snackers.‎

We’re most likely to reach for our snack between 10am and 11am, and 3pm to 4pm, ‎because the meals we eat aren’t filling us up. And It’s not just our hunger that we’re ‎risking either; all those snacks are more likely to damage our teeth. Some of us are ‎already worried about it, and others are already suffering from at least one dental issue ‎due to their poor diet. Bacteria in your mouth uses sugar from healthy or unhealthy ‎foods to create acid that leaves teeth weak and vulnerable.‎

So, if you can’t stop snacking, cook large batches of main courses such as creamy ‎chicken in Clipso Minut Duo pressure cooker and split them into even and fulfilling ‎portions for a balanced meal with a side of salad. Also, make sure to consume fruits ‎and nuts rather than biscuits and crisps to keep your teeth healthier and keep you ‎fuller for longer.‎