How to use a pressure cooker in a safe way

October 26, 2018

Pressure cookers are ideal for making soups and stews, in addition to speeding up the process ‎of cooking casseroles. But before you start cooking all your favorite treats, here are some ‎precautions you should practice in order to get the best out of your pressure cooker.‎

Understand your pressure cooker

Each pressure cooker performs and functions differently than the other. Once you purchase a ‎new pressure cooker such as Clipso Minut Perfect, read the manual thoroughly and ‎understand how to use it the first time and every time. In your manual, you will find details ‎about how it opens, how it closes, the maximum and minimum filling levels and the ‎directions to cook foodstuffs that expand during cooking.‎

Check the body every time

Whether you are using your pressure cooker for the first time or any other time, always make ‎sure to check the body for cracks and dents because they are dangerous. This step is ‎important because dents and cracks tend to release hot steam that can burn you.‎

Check for cleanliness

Your pressure cooker should be perfectly cleaned before each and every use. Food particles ‎can collect and clog the pressure cooker safety valves and the pressure indicator. Also, make ‎sure there’s no dried food on the edges of your pot to avoid breaking the seal. ‎