It’s all about the oil you use

October 26, 2018

You love adding olive oil while stir-frying, roasting or tossing salads. However, you’re tempted ‎sometimes to try out some other types of oil available in the supermarket. After all, it’s good to ‎vary your options from time to time!‎

Prepare mouthwatering salads and delicious main dishes

If you like creating exotic and tasty salads, then you’ll love creating with all the different oils ‎available in the market. To change from your usual olive oil, you can try sesame oil. You only ‎need a few drops when preparing a salad. If you want your sauce to have a subtler flavor, choose ‎something like sunflower or canola oil that has a milder taste.‎

You can use coconut oil or any cooking vegetable oil when cooking, especially because of its ‎mild taste and is available in a solid form. It’s perfect for cakes and for frying or sautéing in non-‎stick pots and pans and you can use it to cook over high heat without any problem.‎ ‎

And finally, if you need something with a little twist for your oriental dishes, then nothing beats ‎sesame oil. Perfect for a vegetable stir fry with soya sauce!‎ ‎

Top tip: each type of oil has a different heat resistance. For example, never deep fry in olive oil ‎but instead choose a highly resistant oil for that task such as sunflower or canola oil.‎ ‎