Mistakes to avoid when using a pressure cooker

October 26, 2018

Using a pressure cooker to prepare food might be tricky especially if you are a first time user. To ‎avoid wasting any food, we gathered 3 mistakes you should avoid while using your pressure ‎cooker.‎

Over-crowding the pot

When using a pressure cooker, you need to add all the ingredients before closing the lid. ‎While you intend to add all of your ingredients at once, you might tend to over-crowd the ‎pot and end up with a messy dish. The next time you use your pressure cooker to prepare ‎food remember to never exceed the ¾ of the pot in order to guarantee the best results every ‎time. If you’re cooking a large batch, Clipso + is your perfect choice because it can hold up to ‎‎8L of delicious food!‎

Using big quantities of water

You might forget the fact that while using a pressure cooker, the steam does not come out of ‎the pot as it does when using an open pot. Exceeding the amount of liquids in your pot might ‎result with tasteless sauces. That is why you should always use the right amount of liquids as ‎mentioned in recipe to get the desired consistency out of your food.‎

Over-cooking your ingredients

Choosing the right timing to cook your ingredients in a pressure cooker is a must or else you ‎might overcook your food. This will result with hard dried meats. If you’re not sure about the ‎timing, start cooking over medium to low heat and slowly increase it if needed.‎