This is how you make the best out of your Tefal Steam iron

December 11, 2018

Are you the owner of a brand new Tefal steam iron or simply looking for ways to make ‎the best out of your own? Either way, these tips will definitely come in use the next ‎time you need to iron a huge pile of laundry.‎

Who needs dry cleaning?‎

If your steam iron has a strong steam output like Ultimate Anti-Calc, it’s a good idea ‎to put it in use as a garment steamer and refresh your daily outfits while they are ‎hanging. Or better yet! Just put any piece of clothing you want to iron on the bed ‎and hover the iron over the garment. The steam pressure will get rid of creases ‎without you even touching the fabric!‎

Steam up, dry iron down

Don’t press the steam button all the time. The proper way to iron is to steam up your ‎garment, release and dry iron on the way down. This way you can get the maximum ‎steam benefit out of the iron and you won’t wet the fabric.‎

While following this technique when you iron a shirt sleeve for example, you can ‎press the fabric from one side and the other will be simultaneously smoothed to cut ‎down the ironing time in half!‎