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This is how your kids will fall in love with curries

December 27, 2018

We have a never-ending love affair with curries, so you must definitely love chicken ‎tikka masala from time to time. Why not pass this passion onto your kids? They will ‎thank you for it in the future!‎

Children who like curries aren’t picky eaters when it comes to vegetables. Turmeric is ‎labeled as a superfood, so including it in your kids’ meals is a good idea.‎

To make sure they love the dish, you’ll need to be careful about how you include curry ‎in the menu. Luckily, there are some great child-friendly curry recipes and below are ‎some of them:‎

Chicken, coconut and tomato curry

Start your kids off with a really mild curry that contains ingredients they are used to. ‎Coconut and tomato are great for adding flavor to curries without too much spice! You ‎can either cook it using non-stick pots and pans or a pressure cooker for perfect and ‎quick results.‎

Mango chicken curry

Win your kids over with a fruity curry. Mango and banana are two fruits that go really ‎well in curries, so recipes that include these are sure to be a hit. Prepare a large batch ‎in Clipso Minut that fits up to 9L of food if you have a large family. They will love it!

Vegetable curry

It’s easy to disguise veggies in curries, so you can get kids to eat them. Omit the meat ‎and load your sauce with plenty of vegetables in a way they’ll never expect!‎

Salmon curry

Don’t just put fish on a plate with some potatoes and veggies. Mix it up in a curry and ‎they’ll never know it’s even there! If covered in a tasty coconut milk sauce they’ll ‎probably think it’s chicken anyway.‎

Mango lassi

If you like curries, then you must serve them with naan breads and natural yoghurt as ‎sides. To make it a bit more special, give your kids a mango lassi. This thick, milkshake-‎style drink is good to have around if you accidentally overdo some of the spices in the ‎curry.‎