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Large gathering food ideas to serve for dinner

October 26, 2018

Gatherings are a chance to get together as a family or with friends and relatives around one ‎table full of delicious dishes. Here’s a roundup of dinner ideas you can serve your guests on ‎your upcoming gathering to impress them and make them leave wanting more!‎

Begin with the starters

Serve traditional meat pies, meat samosas and fatayer. For a funkier version and quicker ‎results, substitute the traditional dough for phyllo dough. Serve traditional salads such as ‎fattouch, beetroot and cabbage salad, or try new colorful recipes like watermelon and feta ‎salad or peach and watercress. Slice and chop your vegetables ahead in a food processor to ‎save time and effort.‎

It’s all about the main course

Prepare a mouthwatering roasted lamb leg or serve a delicious meat kabsa, herb crusted lamb ‎chops and/or lime and coriander marinated flank steak. For quick and effortless results, cook your meats using an electrical ‎grill like for example Optigrill +!‎

Nobody can resist desserts

Kunafa is a staple dessert to serve during gatherings. You can stuff it with traditional fillings ‎such as cheese or clotted cream (kashta), or try weird fillings based on your preferences such ‎as milk pudding or pistachio. Don’t forget baklava and ghoraybeh (butter cookies) and if ‎you’re aiming to dazzle your guests surprise them with twisted traditional recipes such as ‎osmalliyeh with ice cream or cheesecake in a cup.‎ ‎