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‎3 recipes you had no idea your pressure cooker can prepare‎

October 26, 2018

Starting today, you will take your pressure cooker uses to the next level. Don’t limit yourself to ‎prepare only traditional meals! We gathered 3 of our most delicious dessert recipes to prepare in ‎your pressure cooker!‎

Sponge cake

You heard us right! Preparing a cake using the pressure cooker is possible. All you have to do ‎is to beat your favorite cake mixture, pour it in a small pan and bake it using Clipso Minut ‎Perfect. You definitely don’t want to miss out on trying our delicious marbled coffee sponge ‎recipe! It’s the perfect match for your afternoon coffee.‎‎

Stuffed apples

You will only need 7-8 minutes to get the perfect spicy stuffed apples of all time using your ‎pressure cooker. The steaming of the fruit will bring out its sweetness and let it melt in your ‎mouth with all its flavorful stuffing. Give it try. Everyone will love it!‎


Preparing a pudding using small ramekins is easier when using a pressure cooker because it ‎will spare you all the stirring part during the cooking process. Try our exquisite pear dessert ‎with caramel sauce. Its taste will leave your guests asking you for more!‎