‎15 minutes flat: quick and tasty meat dishes

October 26, 2018

Your husband just called you and announced that he’ll be home in 15 minutes and that some of ‎his friends are coming over for dinner in less than an hour. For a while, you just sit down and try ‎to figure out what to cook for that many people. Don’t panic! Here are a few ideas for quick and ‎easy meat dishes that you can cook in no time.‎

Be creative and go for simple, fun dishes

If you’re expecting a lot of people over, it’s best to go for simple and fun dishes such as herb ‎crusted lamb chops that you can easily prepare using an electrical grill such as Optigrill +. It has ‎everything you need: the combination of preparation and cooking times equals 20 minutes so it’s ‎super quick to prepare, it’s hot and wholesome. And you can cook it while everyone gathers ‎around the table. You can move your barbecue indoor if it’s still hot outside. ‎

Another example: a ‎simple marinade made with olive oil and a few herbs and spices will take your kebabs to the next ‎level. Results are just as tasty as if you cooked your meat outside! ‎

If you prefer cooking your meat in sauce, here’s a clever little tip: cut it to small chunks or slices. ‎Really thin slices of beef or chicken will cook a lot quicker, and are ready to be served with a ‎side of creamy and chunky mushroom sauce. If you’ve got some chops or cutlets in the fridge, ‎you can season them with salt and black pepper, grill them, and serve them with lemon, paprika ‎and curry. Your guests will be dazzled!‎ ‎