This is why a steam iron is your best ally!‎

December 11, 2018

Thinking about purchasing an iron could actually save you time and allow you to finish ‎ironing much quicker!‎

When picking out an iron, one of the things you should consider is steam, the real ‎secret weapon to crisp and clean garments! If it doesn’t produce enough steam, it won’t ‎get the ironing done.‎

You'll have more time to do anything else

Whether you save all your garments to iron them in one go or try to get rid of creases ‎from clothes after each wash, ironing can feel like it takes forever. ‎

Using an iron with a high steam pressure, will reduce your ironing time. Our high-‎pressure steam generator irons produce pressurized steam that penetrates through ‎fabrics so you don’t need to go over the same trouser leg repeatedly.‎

Can't iron it directly? No problem!‎

You might have tried hanging an outfit in your steamy bathroom after a shower to ‎remove the creases, but this doesn’t always work. We offer a great selection of ‎powerful steam irons that can double as a steamer so you can still use it on clothes ‎that can’t be directly ironed.‎

More crease-busting power

Irons with powerful steam remove the toughest creases, so not only do you go over an ‎area just once, it will be perfect after a single quick run over it. This is ideal if you have ‎silk shirts or a lot of school uniforms to iron!‎

No more ironing arm pain

If you want the powerful steam iron, a steam generator will be your new best friend. ‎Unlike traditional steam irons that you need to fill with water these have a separate ‎water container which means you can iron longer, refill your tank less times and don’t ‎need to deal with the weight of the water when you’re ironing. This makes the process ‎easier and ensures you don’t end up with arm pain!