You can make alfredo sauce with sundried tomatoes and get a chunky texture or a creamy velvety result depending on your preference or guests liking
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Upgrade Your Alfredo Sauce With A Single Ingredient

July 16, 2018

Alfredo sauce is one of the tastiest and richest sauces that can be added to your dishes for a creamy and delectable result. Traditionally, it’s prepared with butter, parmesan and heavy cream. In many cuisines, it’s combined with minced garlic cloves, mushrooms and chicken or shrimps. However, sun dried tomatoes can take your sauce to a whole new level.

Why should you use sun dried tomatoes?

Sun dried tomatoes add a kick of salty flavor to your Alfredo sauce. Not to mention the amazing pop of red color it leaves once the ingredients are perfectly combined.

Dried or packed in oil?

Depending on your preference, you can use sun dried tomatoes that are packed in oil or dried. If you go for the first option, drain the excess oil before you slice and add them to your recipe.

When should you add sun dried tomatoes?

You can add the sun dried tomatoes to your Tefal Essential Chef De France pot at the beginning of the cooking process for a denser and creamier flavor, or you can wait until your sauce has thickened up and add them at the end along with the cooked chicken cubes.

Extra tip: Make sure you balance the salt ratio because sun dried tomatoes are already salty otherwise you might end up with an over salted dish.