Tefal actifry low fat fryer benefits for cooking are numerous and among them are ease of use in addition to coolness and versatilty to cook anything anytime
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Do you really need an Actifry in your kitchen?

December 17, 2018

Are you counting calories and looking to cook your favorite comfort food with the minimum amount of oil? Then a low fat fryer is your perfect choice! If you’re looking to discover the reasons why you should equip your kitchen with an Actifry low fat fryer, keep reading. Because less oil means less calories and same delicious taste!

It’s easy to use. Really easy!

If you’re preparing garlic prawns for dinner, just put them in Actifry Express and season them. Add 1 Actifry tablespoon of your favorite cooking oil and cook to perfection!

It’s safe even for children to touch it

The outer body of this low fat fryer stays cool no matter what you’re cooking so it’s safe to touch. Even children can touch it without the risk of hurting or burning themselves.

It’s versatile

You can cook a wide selection of mouthwatering dishes in Actifry. Everything from simple paprika fries to brothy tas kebabi can be prepared in less time and effortlessly thanks to the stirring paddle that continuously stirs your ingredients so you don’t have to.


Still not convinced that you need an Actifry in your kitchen? How about this: your kitchen will still smell as fresh after you’re done cooking no matter what you’re preparing and you won’t sniff any oil smell at all!