To learn about tefal optigrill versatility at its best discover more about the ability to cook anything anywhere no matter what the occasion is
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Tefal Optigrill: versatility at its best!

December 17, 2018

Highly versatile and very easy to use, Tefal Optigrill + can make a professional home chef out of you in no time! It can cook anything, anytime and anywhere. It’s versatility at its best!

It cooks any type of food

You can cook anything using your Optigrill + electrical grill. With its 6 cooking programs, it allows you to:

Grill meat to prepare rib eye steaks with chimichurri sauce

Grill poultry to prepare buttermilk-rosemary marinated chicken thighs

Grill fish to prepare salmon and cream sauce

Prepare panini recipes such as spicy grilled Italian panini

Grill beef sausages and burgers.

It can even cook fruits and vegetables using the slow cooking manual mode!

It cooks food the way YOU like

Optigrill + is not vainly called an intelligent grill. With its advanced technology, this versatile grill can measure the thickness of your steaks and cook them the way you love them most from rare to well done. The cooking monitor lets you know when your meal is cooked to your liking. The manual mode includes 4 temperature levels as well, allowing you to cook fruits and vegetables to your liking.

You can take it anywhere

Optigrill + is perfectly portable and can be transported anywhere. As long as you’re somewhere next to an electric plug, you can grill whatever your heart desires in no time. Happy grilling!