Upgrade your regular fries with our 3 recipes

December 12, 2018

Homemade fries are super delicious and the best ones are extra crispy and crunchy. ‎And the best part about a fries’ recipe is that it’s so versatile and you can play with ‎flavors and add any of your favorite seasonings to enhance it. That said, here are 3 ‎ways to upgrade your regular fries for mouthwatering results every time!‎

Curry chips

Mild, medium or hot, these curry chips will taste amazing with a side of refreshing ‎yogurt and cucumber salad especially if your goal is to create an Indian inspired ‎snack or appetizer. Prepare it in a low fat fryer such as Actifry using only one ‎tablespoon of your favorite vegetable oil. Everyone will love the crispy and crunchy ‎flavor! ‎

Paprika chips

Upgrade your original fries’ recipe with some paprika to create a mouthwatering ‎side dish to serve alongside chicken and beef steaks. Your guests won’t be able to ‎resist these healthy paprika chips and they won’t believe that you hardly used any ‎oil to cook them!‎

Tex Mex chips

The tex mex mixture and hot sauce add a super spicy taste to this mouthwatering ‎tex mex chips recipe. Cook a large batch in your low fat fryer and serve it with a side ‎of spicy mayonnaise sauce for intense flavors!‎