Rice, source of tasty and mouthwatering dishes

October 26, 2018

There is no way we can name all kinds of rice dishes in every country. Hence, we have an almost ‎infinite number and variety of rice recipes to choose from! The world’s two main producers, ‎China and India supply half the world’s rice and are the source of many of staple dishes in the ‎Arab world like Kabsa, Biryani and Chicken maqlooba. Sweet or savory, but always delicious, you too can ‎discover the delights of each country’s favorite rice dishes – from Saudi Arabia to India to Japan.‎

‎Impress your friends and family with rice dishes from around the world

While India’s many vegetarians prefer their rice served with vegetables and spices, in Brazil they ‎eat it with black beans and paprika. Rice is tasty and satisfying, and is like an air ticket around ‎the world in your own kitchen! Whether it’s a Spanish paella, an Italian risotto, an Indian biryani, ‎Japanese sushi, or a delicious rice pudding, add your favorite herbs and spices and let your ‎imagination run wild! You’ll be amazed at how much your kids love vegetables when they’re ‎colored with a little turmeric. And your Asian dishes will taste so authentic that they’ll get the ‎whole family asking for more!‎

For perfect rice every time, opt for a rice cooker. Easy to use and practical, you can adapt it to ‎your favorite rice (sushi, basmati, jasmine, etc.) simply by adding more or less water. A rice ‎cooker is also a must for any beginner chef, and a staple in every home! You can also cook it ‎perfectly in a non-stick pot but make sure to respect the rice-water ratio stated in your recipe!‎ ‎