These types of grains will make you lose weight!

October 26, 2018

It’s very important to include all types of grains in your daily diet. However, some may be ‎doing a better job helping you get rid of the unwanted weight; as long as they’re consumed in ‎moderation! So what are the foods that promote weight loss


A single serving of oats contains 1.5g of fat and 150 calories. In addition to that, this ‎nutritious type of grain aids in digestion and helps lowering the cholesterol level which results ‎in lowering the risk of heart disease and strokes. Prepare a delicious oats-based soup in Clipso ‎Minut Perfect pressure cooker and serve with extra lemon wedges. Delicious and nutritious!‎

Brown rice

Because it’s healthier than the regular white rice, brown rice is packed with fibers and is ‎heavily filling while low in calories. While the single serving of brown rice is a half cup, it ‎contains healthy carbs that aid in boosting your metabolism and by that burning fat. Try ‎substituting white rice for brown rice for a healthier version of savory rice or chicken ‎maqlooba!‎


Research has shown that for every gram of fiber we consume, we lose around 7 calories. So ‎consuming a serving of half a cup of beans that are packed with fibers and contain 8g of ‎fibers, can help you get rid of 56 calories effortlessly and that’s only from fibers! When ‎consumed at least four times per week, beans can make you less susceptible to developing a ‎heart disease. ‎