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X-perience power on a complete range

X-Force Flex 15.60

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X-Force 8.6 Animal

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X-Force 8.6 Allergy

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X-pect new levels of power & running time

Up to 230 Air watts*

Thanks to the latest Tefal
motor-technologies, X-Force range delivers a
suction power up to 230 Air watts* for deep
cleaning all around the house.

32.4 VOLTS & up to
1h20** with 2x more
running time possibility

Enjoy up to 1h20** of running time thanks to the removable battery,
ensuring high suction power.

In addition to your product battery, get a second one,
sold separately, for longer cleaning sessions.

Learn more about autonomy

Up to 99,9% filtration

Thanks to its high filtration technology, it captures particles, down
to the smallest, to release pure air.


*For X-Force Flex 15.60, using the boost trigger. **For X-Force Flex 15.60, when using the handheld on powerful Eco position.

X-perience optimized performance at your fingertips

The control display* allows you to optimize every cleaning session with live monitoring
of performance and running time.


ECO & ECO+ *

Optimized performance & running time for daily use, on all type of floors.




Deeper cleaning especially for rugs & carpets




A shoot of intensive performance, for exceptional use. Available on the whole range !




Check the battery level even when appliance is off ! Live monitoring of the running-time: in min** and %


automatic floor detection

automatic floor detection*

Adjust automatically its power by floor type.


*Available only in X-Force 15.60

X-clusive automatic
floor detection*

Thanks to its smart brush, the motor adjusts automatically its power by floor type - for optimized cleaning performance every time, everywhere.

X-clusive automatic floor detection

*Only on the 15.60

X-pand your playground

Flex technology & Led
motorized brush

Capture dust really everywhere with the flexible tube that vacuums up to 4X farther under low furnitures without bending over!*.

With the Led motorized brush, track even the hidden dust to clean everywhere, from hard floor to carpets, rugs and also large-surface areas.

*Compared to a non-flexible appliance, under low furnitures

X-press all your cleaning needs

Docking station*

With no drilling required, the standalone docking station keeps your vacuum charged and accessories close at hand - with a tube that becomes an extension tool for cleaning all the way to the ceiling.

Mini Flex

For hard to reach areas such as cars or drawers. Also compatible with sofa and crevice tools.

Sofa brush

For perfect bedding vacuuming.

Crevice Tool

To remove hard-to-reach dust, ideal for car owners.

Mini electro brush

To remove in depth hair & dirt.

Charging base

To easily plug & store your appliance.

Integrated easy brushes

To clean all surfaces whenever you need it.


*Available on X-Force Flex 15.60.

X-plore the range

All models offer a comprehensive set of features, including the Flex technology, the Led Motorized Brush & the Boost trigger.

Air watts
Running time
Weight (Handheld)
Automatic speed
Removable battery
Control display
Docking station



550 watts
Up to 230 Air watts
Up to 1h20
32.4 V
1.9 kgs
3.2 kgs

X-Force 12.6


320 watts
Up to 150 Air watts
Up to 45min
25.2 V
2 kgs
5.1 kgs

X-Force 9.6


250 watts
Up to 100 Air watts
Up to 45min
18 V
1.1 kgs
3.8 kgs

X-Force 8.6


185 watts
Up to 200 Air watts
Up to 35min
22 V
2.7 kgs
3.4 kgs

X-Force 8.6


185 watts
Up to 200 Air watts
Up to 45min
22 V
2.7 kgs
3 kgs

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X-tra tips

Follow our simple tutorials to get the best from your appliance.

How to clean the brush?

How to use the smart function?

How to clean the container filter?

How to empty the dust container?



Find here the answers to your questions

How to choose the right model for me?

Performance is the first and most important criterion when choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner. The power of a cordless vacuum cleaner is expressed in Air watts. The higher the value, the more powerful your vacuum cleaner is. Our most powerful handstick being the X-Force Flex 15.60 range.
Autonomy is the also a very important criterion when choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner. Your autonomy needs depend on the size of your home and the frequency of use. The autonomy of X-Force cordless handsticks can be up to 1h20, depending on models, which is more than enough for several cleaning sessions.
Also take into consideration pets ownership or allergy issues, in order to choose a product offering Animal accessories or/and high filtration capacity.
Finally, our X-Force ranges are all cordless vacuum cleaners designed for cleaning hard and delicate floors thanks to their “ All-Floors brushes” : No need to change the brush or push on any pedal during your sessions.

How to easily charge my cordless vacuum cleaner?

Having a cordless vacuum cleaner offers real freedom :
Be free to charge your appliance :

  • - Integrated wall-charging base, to keep your appliance always charged and at hand*
  • - Directly, thanks to its jack plug*
  • - Removable battery, to charge it easily on any outlet


*Depending on models
Which speed should be used during a session?

All classical modes ( Eco/ Eco+*/ Max* ) can be used on any type of floors.
Automatic* speed is made to optimize cleaning performance depending on your floors, thanks to its automatic power adjustment depending on floor type detected.
The boost is ideal for stains and inscruted dust, especially on rugs & carpets. As suction power is at maximum, the running time will be shorter.

*Depending on models
How to empty the dust container?

Our system is very simple to empty the dust container :
Easily unclip from the product. And empty the content into the garbage in a hygienic way. Avoid by this way, dust contact & explosion and hairs stucked inside.

How to clean the filters?

Please refer to our tutorials and keep in mind that it is recommended to clean regularly filters to maintain your product performances overtime.

How to maintain the motorized brush?

Handstick vacuum cleaners are equipped with motorized brush in order to scrub floors, remove all hairs & incrusted dust, and to offer advanced cleaning results.
Thus, the brush has to be maintained overtime, especially by removing hairs that could get stuck around the roller, but don't worry, maintenance is quick & easy.

Any error message on your product display?

In case you are having any error message on your product display*, please refer to the below scheme :

Alert /
Error #
Alert definition
Appliance is clogged, not
allowing a proper
cleaning performance
Wrong charger
Battery temperature is
too high/low
Replace your product
Replace your battery
Replace your battery
What to do ?
Clean the dust container filter.
If the alert lasts, check that nothing is blocked into the appliance
(tube / brush).
Verify that the used charger is the correct one. Replace your charger
by a new one if the alert lasts.
Let the appliance at ambient temperature and try to switch it on.
(Product must be used at ambient temperature).
If the alert lasts, please contact the after sales services.
Verify that the battery is well connected to the handheld vacuum cleaner
and that alls product filters are set in place.
If the alert lasts, please contact the after sales services.
Verify that the used charger is the correct one. If the alert lasts,
please contact the after sales services.
Please contact the after sales services.
*For X-Force Flex 15.60